Our 3rd EP "Euthanize-Sterilize" is due for release in October 2018.

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Rockpit Live Review - AVFX4


By Xavier Slaughter - 31st December 2017

One of Perth’s legends, Kimura, came on for the second last act for the night and as always they were brilliant. Playing a mixture of songs from their first EP Uncaged and their latest instalment of Kintsukuroi  these groove metal masters sure know how to keep their fans happy. During their set they had a guest appearance from the amazing Grant Gatford doing vocals for the song Psychotically Sane, which is a personal favourite of mine. As well as celebrating the birthday for bassist Stuart Betts, Kimura always have so much to offer and they did not disappoint for their fourth consecutive year at A Very Filthy Xmas.

WAM Nominated!

Kimura nominated for WAM Song Of The Year 2016/2017 in the Heavy/Metal catergory for Book Of The Dead from Kintsukuroi.

Charted Number 25!

Kintsukuroi charted number 25 in the Top 30 Aussie Metal Releases for 2016 on Nuclear Rock Radio.

Kimura – Kintsukuroi EP Launch Review


By Chris Gardner - May 18, 2016 - AVENOIR 

The night’s main event took to the stage with flags hung high, proudly displaying “KIMURA” to the faithful. Led by their wild-eyed bass player, the five piece blasted through cuts from their EP, a fitting send off for their departing guitarist. The group’s shared musical ability is impressive, their playing as tight as it is brutal, augmented by the sincere humility they had in thanking all the bands for supporting them on stage or in sales.An amazing night, and hopefully the birth of a new tradition in the merchandise expo; Kimura have delivered their EP in sensational style, and set the pace to all to follow..

X-Press Magazine Interview


Kimura launch their new EP, Kintsukuroi, at Amplifier Bar, May 13, supported by DFC, Psychonaut, Enforce and Dethlahem.

Drummer, Gordo Steinberger, fills in the cracks.

Take us through the Kimura experience in the last 12 months. - We’ve had the opportunity to do a few regional WA shows in the last year or so and found it quite rewarding as not many original Perth metal acts get out into the country. One of which was supporting east coast metal act LORD in Kalgoorlie this time last year. Taking part in Metal United Down Under shows in 2014 in Bunbury and 2015 in Perth were also quite exciting. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to play at Amplifier Bar in support of Tempest Rising and Reapers Riddle, very exciting to play on the same stage as some of the world’s best international metal acts.

How has the band changed in that time, or are you musically on the same track as ever?  - We have a mission statement in Kimura; “All songs must be heavy and groovy.”  Along the way with the odd line up change obviously there are variations in writing styles and song composition techniques but we believe we have remained true to the original concept. We also introduced the use of samples to lives shows which brings a point of difference.

What is the significance of the EP title, 'Kintsukuroi', and what it means to the band in particular? - Kintsukuroi is a Japanese form of art, the definition of which is; to repair with gold”. The art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding the piece is now more beautiful having been broken. There is theme running through most of the songs on the EP about coming out of a bad life experience stronger than what you were prior. Basically, you should always try to take strength from the tough situations that life throws at you.

What did you want to evoke of the band on this release? - We wanted to give the listener a sense of the precision and brutality our live show brings. Also give them a feeling of strength. Listening to metal for most people is a release, a way to shake of the burdens of life in a positive way.  

What are the plans now that the EP is out?  - We are heading back into the studio to work on new material for our next release plus also do the odd local Perth show. Later in the year we plan to do a few regional WA shows and head over east to do a couple of shows as well.



By: Michael Winsall - January 16 2016

First band up was Kimura, a band that made it clear from the first song that this would be a hard drive. And they maintained this brutality throughout the set, pumping through song after song, playing songs that sounded (amongst other things) like Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura and Slayer. These guys do not fuck around.